Instruction for Presentations

General Presentation (Oral or Poster Session)

Oral presentation in general session

  1. The total duration of your presentation will be 15 minutes. This includes 5 minutes discussion time (i.e., 10 min presentation + 5 min discussion).
  2. Please bring and use your laptop PC for oral presentation. Please also bring your PC adaptor for connecting to our projector, if necessary.
  3. We will provide a projector, a laser pointer, PC-projector joint cables, and PC changers.
  4. We highly recommend you to check the PC connection in advance, for example, during session breaks.

Poster presentation

  1. We will provide a poster board. The width is 90 cm and the length is 210 cm. Please hang your poster within this board.
  2. Please hang your poster from 11th September PM to 13th September AM. After this period, please remove your poster.
  3. Your discussion time will be shown in our conference program.
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