Call for Papers

Participants are invited to submit original abstracts to be considered for oral or poster presentations in the conference. Abstracts are to be submitted by e-mail (

Deadline for Title and Abstract Submission

Please e-mail the complete form to Masashi Hosokawa, Organizing Committee, E-mail:

Topics and Presentation Style

Applicants may select the preference for oral or poster, and a topic from the topic list below. However please note that the program committee makes the final allocation for your presentation.

Special Sessions:

AOCS Asian Session

(Organizer: Dr. Suk Hoo Yoon, KOREA)

Application of Surfactants in Energy and Environmental Engineering

(Organizer: Prof. Seong-Geun Oh, KOREA)

Aquatic Lipids - Sources, Alternatives & Uses

(Organizer: Dr. Bhaskar Narayan, INDIA)

Construction of Fermentation System for Lipid Production

(Organizer: Prof. Tsunehiro Aki, JAPAN)

Conversion of Lipids Using Biocatalysts or Bioconversion and Functionality of Phospholipids

(Organizer: Prof. Yugo Iwasaki, JAPAN)

Development of Bio-based Functional Chemicals from Renewable Resources

(Organizer: Dr. Dai Kitamoto, JAPAN)

Fish oil, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Their Biological Functions

(Organizer: Prof. Feng-Yao Vincent Tang, TAIWAN)

Functional Lipid-Biocatalysis

(Organizer: Prof. In-Hwan Kim, KOREA)

Lipid Analysis for a New Era

(Organizer: Prof. Naohiro Goto, JAPAN)

Marine Lipids

(Organizer: Dr. T.K. Srinivasa Gopal, INDIA)

Non-conventional Lipid Source

(Organizer: Dr. Kunn Kangvansaichol, THAILAND)

Palm Oil Special Session

(Organizer: Dr. Kalyana Sundram, MALAYSIA)

Self-assembled Nanostructured Materials

(Organizer: Dr. Lok Kumar Shrestha, NEPAL)

Surfactant Self-Assemblies - Fundamentals and Applications

(Organizers: Prof. Boonyarach Kitiyanan, THAILAND; Prof. Hideki Sakai, JAPAN; Prof. Kenji Aramaki, JAPAN; Prof. Pramoch Rangsunvigit, THAILAND; Dr. Rachapudi B. N. Prasad, INDIA)

Utilization of Rice Bran Oil

(Organizer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wanna Tungjaroenchai, THAILAND)

General Sessions:

Surfactant Sciences in the Next Generation

Analytical Techniques & Application Oil

Biodiesel & Biofuel (General)

Detergent & Interface Science

Food & Feed Nutrition

Lipid Biochemistry

Lipid Oxidation & Antioxidants

Nutrition & Biotechnology

Oil, Fat & Lipid Chemistry

Processing Developments in Oil & Fat Technology